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China Nameplate was founded by Mr. You-De Wu in Taipei Taiwan in 1958.Its subsidiary Company Shanghai Keythai Nameplate Co,. Ltd was established in Jiading Shanghai in 1996, specializing in Name Plate and exterior accessories for the Computer industry since 1996.With Our state-of-the-art equipment, innovative technologies and dedicated Research & Development team, we stand as a leader in the high-tech Name Plate industry.Shanghai Keythai Name Plate is committed to continuous quality improvements and total customer satisfaction.Our highly recognized product quality and customer service has enabled us to further expand our presence in digital home product, home entertainment product, mobile phone and automotive electronics markets.

Shanghai Keythai Name Plate is subsidiary of China Name Plate co., Ltd, founded by You-De Wu in Taipei Taiwan in 1958.In order to provide optimal supply chain support to our customers, China Name Plate established its Malyashia facility (Chin-1 Name Plate Co,. Ltd,.) in 1990, Its Thailand facility (Thailand Keythai Co,. Ltd.) in 1994, and Dongguan facility (Xin He Electronics Co,. Ltd.) in 1998.

China Name Plate and Shanghai Keythai Name Plate is more than 50 years of Name Plate Technologies, know-how and experiences.This enable us to produce Name Plates that consistently exceeds customers' expectation-superior quality , competitive pricing, minimal lead time, flexible production capacity and outstanding customer services.Our high performance has earned national and international recognitions and established a good corporate image in Taiwan and China's Electronic industry.

With the concept of "Continuous Excellence & Sustainable Development", we strive to meet stringent product requirement and technological challenges.We ardently aquire the knowledge to develop new process techniques and constantly upgrade and expand our equipment.Our facilities has been approved for ISO-9001 international quality certification.In addition, we have implemented ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) management system, provede customers with more efficient services and quality product for ever before.

Shanghai Keythai Name Plate values environmental protection and resource preservation.In addition to implementation of 6S activities, we focus on recycling, waste management and environmental-friendly manufacturing processes.

In todays competitive market, we strive to continually improve all aspects of our company-product quality, customer services, lead time and manufacturing technologies.We are dedicated to helping our customers in all areas related Name Plates, and developing mutually successful relationships with them.